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We are well known for our Kilimanjaro climbs, our off the beaten path safaris and some of the best guides around. As travelers today seek to move away from the standard tourist circuits and leave Africa with a deeper understanding of the local culture, we work with our clients to thoughtfully design wildlife and cultural dream adventures that take them into authentic Africa.

Our goal is to give our clients an insider’s view of East Africa while at the same time helping the people and communities. A percentage of each booking goes back into the local communities to fund self-sufficiency programs like sewing schools and other vocational training.Welcome to Bush Maasai Safari we specialize in custom creating climbing, wildlife, cultural, riding and beach safaris in East Africa.

Why Choose Us?

It's because we're constantly looking for ways to make your holiday as perfect as possible, from the way we plan the trip to the authentic experiences you'll enjoy while away. Those added touches include several that no other East Africa-based travel company offers.

We are the answer of your FAQ's

Several international airlines operate flights into Tanzania through Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar International Airports. Some airlines includes KLM, British Airways, Swiss air, Ethiopian airlines, Fly Emirates, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, South African Airways, Kenya airways, Rwanda Air, Oman Air and many others not mentioned but can be searched online or contact your travel agent.
Tap water is not suitable for drinking, use bottled water, which is available in your safari car and at accommodations.
The unit of currency is the Tanzania Shilling (TShs). Foreign currency in cash exchanged at the commercial banks, authorized dealers, or at the bureau de changes operating at the international airports, major towns and border posts.
All visitors to Tanzania require a return or onward ticket and a valid passport with an entry or reentry visa, duly endorsed. Visas can be obtained from any Tanzania Diplomatic. Mission or Consulate abroad, and at main entry points including international airports, sea ports and border posts.Those willing to take the risk involved with trying to obtain a visa at the should have USD 50 in cash if flying on a British passport, or USD 100 in cash if flying on a US passport. Visitors from other nationalities are advised to have USD 100 in cash ready, though in most cases the cost will be only USD 50.The Tanzanian High Commission advises visitors to apply for visa in advance as they reserve the right to deny you a visa on arrival.

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